Keep Businesses Safe for the Holidays


Normally retailers and logistics companies in particular take added precaution when it comes to security around the holidays.  Given the fact that we’re in a pandemic, it increases the need for security on a much broader level.  Not only is safety of guarding people and assets from a tradition perspective important, now extra precaution must be taken to ensure safe methods are used to operate and shop. Additional safety measures for your employees and customers and trying to enforce recommended social distancing and facemask wearing practices without ostracizing your customers may be challenging this year, but we have to do our best. Luckily, there are professional security options available to keep your business, employees, and customers safer this holiday season without adding to your list of worries. In this blog, you can explore the top three security recommendations to keep your people, customers and assets safe during the holidays.

1 – Keep Employees & Customers Safe
When it comes to keeping employees and customers safe at any time of the year, communication is essential. When you work with a professional security team, they should make sure your employees know the necessary details about your security plan, including shift change times, who is on their security team, who to contact if concerns arise, and other important information. The security team members should speak directly to your team members when problems arise, and they should also serve as liaisons between your business and police and other authorities when concerns arise. This allows every member of your staff to become an essential part of maintaining the safety and security of your business while they’re still able to continue offering exceptional service and care to your customers. Security team members can also help you monitor customers and employees to ensure they are maintaining recommended COVID-19 safety standards, including social distancing, wearing masks before they enter your business, and generally supporting your pandemic health and safety measures.


2 – Keep Your Building & Exterior Sites Safe
Parking lots and other outdoor areas are places where your employees and customers can be most vulnerable to threats during the holidays. From aggressive drivers and frustration with limited parking to theft of merchandise or vehicles and break ins, the exterior parts of your business need to be protected. A professional security team can help by directing traffic, monitoring parking areas, and providing on-site security personnel to coordinate with authorities in the event of an accident, theft, or other safety concerns during hours of operation. After hours, the security team monitor your building and parking areas to prevent break ins, tagging, and other destruction or criminal incidents.


3 – Keep Your Business Assets Safe
Another big issue during the holiday season is the loss of inventory through shoplifting or property damage and destruction. During the pandemic, the number of shoppers in our stores should be limited to the state guidelines your locations reside in.  This in itself can help reduce inventory loss and keep everyone in the store safer with proper social distancing. In addition, added physical security measures should be considered for those busiest times especially when preparing for an ad release for featured sale items. Parking lot monitoring, entrances, checkout lane and of course, cash offices should receive our highest attention.Additionally, inability to closely monitor every customer in a business can increase risks of conflict and safety concerns related to COVID-19. When people are already under stress and on edge, the presence of security officers can help to de-escalate conflicts between customers and promote compliance with recommended safety standards while taking some pressure off your employees.


Let us know if Off Duty Services can help you and your team have a safer and more secure holiday season.

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